What type of cheerleading do you offer?2023-06-02T03:47:43+01:00

LDC is an allstar cheerleading team, which offers low commitment drop-in classes, as well as regular structured training for the competition teams. We focus on all types of stunting, including group, dual basing, and partner stunting – ensuring that all athletes can feel challenged whilst having fun.

Alongside this, we have a 10m airtrack, so you can learn to flip, jump, and tumble.

Do I need previous experience in order to join?2023-06-02T03:50:36+01:00

Absolutely not! Everyone has to start somewhere and we are fully qualified to teach absolute beginners and are ready to spread the love of cheer.

I used to do gymnastics and acro, is cheerleading for me?2023-06-02T03:51:13+01:00

You should definitely give it a go and see! Lots of cheerleaders are ex-gymnasts or people who did acro or trampolining so we would recommend you join us for a taster session.

How much does it cost?2023-06-02T03:52:00+01:00

We place an emphasis on affordability and try to keep costs down wherever we can. See our Info Pack to see costs for the current season.

Do you have any age restrictions?2023-06-02T03:53:43+01:00

We have a minimum age of 18 years, but no maximum limit! We have athletes of all ages and no one feels out of place.

What’s the social life like?2023-06-02T03:55:00+01:00

Socials are high on the agenda for us and we regularly organise socials for the whole programme and our captains also do so for their individual teams. These range from daytime activities, to casual pub drinks, to fancy evening meals.